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An adult care home for the elderly should provide the in-home care an elderly person needs without causing the senior to feel helpless. Sally’s Residential Care Home understands this dynamic. Therefore, one of our primary objectives is to continue to empower the elderly while they are part of our personal care home. Our professional challenge is to offer essential support to the resident while enabling them to tend to the elements of life that they can still manage. It is difficult to accept that one may no longer be able to do all of the things they’ve done over the course of their lives, like driving or cleaning the house. Our staff is here to alleviate the stress of daily tasks, so that the senior can continue to live a fulfilling life.

Our staff holds fast to the belief that care homes should be warm, safe places that afford the senior many opportunities for enjoyment. Our adult care home in Camarillo, California, provides all of the geriatric services that our residents might require, including around-the-clock physical assistance. Our support staff has received training in response services like first aid. Sally’s Residential Care Home staff has refined their medical and interpersonal skills to allow the senior to relax into living at an adult care home. Your loved one can then enjoy their later years through socializing with other residents, continue to exercise at their individual pace, or even develop a new hobby through the frequent activities we host, including arts & crafts, music, acting, or bingo. Indeed, living at personal care homes should not limit the elderly, but make way for emerging interests and newfound energy.

To learn more about the staff and culture of Sally’s Residential Care Home, please call us at 1-805-701-1246 or send an inquiry through our online contact page.

Sally’s Residential Care Home Serving the greater Camarillo and Ventura County area, Sally's Residential Care Home provides personalized assisted living in a 24 hour nursing home for the elderly. Please call us at 805-701-1246.span>
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