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Due to the negative connotations associated with personal care homes, it is common for adult children to avoid exploring viable residential care home options for their elderly parents. Unfortunately, the overall cost of assisted living alone can inhibit a concerned son or daughter from acquiring the quality care that their elderly loved ones need. However, once the appropriate research has been conducted, people may be surprised to find that nursing home costs vary greatly, based on the facility and the various services offered.

At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we develop customized care plans for each new resident. The services recommended are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual resident, from basic, daily support to medication management. Our Camarillo-based assisted living home conducts a preliminary assessment upon first meeting the senior. Based on this initial evaluation, our team recommends a service package we feel would optimally benefit the individual. From the beginning, we commit ourselves to a regimen of care for the elderly resident, while providing the family with an estimate of ongoing assisted living costs.

We have made a name for ourselves at Sally's Care Home by offering a wide variety of services that cater to the needs of all our community members. From holidays to birthday celebrations, everyone who calls Sally's their home is welcome to participate in the community activities hosted at our facilities; and family and friends are also invited and encouraged to join in the festivities. Personalized wellness programs are considered to be an integral component to the fullness and vitality of all our residents. As a result, the individual physical and emotional needs of our residents are placed at the center of our overall program.

Assisted living costs are a substantial monthly expense, and most families feel the financial impact when sourcing the money out of their private funds. However, these expenditures afford the elderly person an improved quality of life. If it truly is the right time for the senior to move from a private residence to a care home, then the added monthly expense is worth the focused care and comfort he or she immediately receives from the compassionate care givers at Sally’s Residential Care Home. When the family considers the personal care, meals, and activities offered at our network of facilities in Camarillo, they will see that our assisted living cost is very reasonable when compared with other residential care and nursing home costs.

About Sally's Residential Care Home

Founders Sally and Kayhan Mojabi are registered nurses with state board certifications, bringing over three decades of professional nursing experience to Sally's Residential Care Home. These experts in geriatrics continue to conduct the daily operations of the assisted living facility, and remain on call 24 hours a day. Sally's has three convenient locations in idyllic Camarillo, California, making it convenient for loved ones from all around the Southland to have easy access to the people who matter most.

As you consider the many options available to you in Southern California, Sally's Residential Home Care boasts a stable and competitive assisted living cost that can be trusted as a comprehensive, effective elder care program.

To learn more about Sally’s Residential Care Home or to set up a meeting with our capable staff, please contact us today by dialing 1-805-701-1246, or send us an inquiry through our online contact page.

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