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Assisted living costs for the elderly are often covered by the personal income of a son or daughter, as the resident’s monthly pension is reserve for incidentals and smaller expenses. Sometimes, we are not always prepared for the unforeseen circumstances in life. In the case that the person covering the cost of assisted living is suddenly caught in a financial hardship, Sally’s Residential Care Home will discuss potential arrangements or alternatives with the responsible party. Our staff will help you weigh all of your options for payment, to ensure that the resident continues to receive the services he or she needs and deserves. Providing for your children, as well as an elderly parent, is a huge responsibility and can be overwhelming, especially when the unexpected occurs. The caregivers at Sally’s work side-by-side with the participating family during these trying times.

Another difficult issue related to assisted living cost is deciding how much the senior should be told about the situation. The last thing a son or daughter wants is to harm the emotional or physical well-being of the aging parent with troubling news. As the family works through assisted living costs with Sally’s Residential Care Home, our team will provide for the ultimate protection of the resident. Additionally, there may be other means for covering assisted living or nursing home costs during financially-pressing times. If there are such avenues for relief, Sally’s Residential Care Home will steer the family in the direction of possible resources.

We are grateful that you for trusting us with your loved one. When you do, we count it our responsibility as well to cover all the bases, whether it pertains to assisted living costs or the services we provide. To learn more about Sally’s Residential Care Home, call us today at 1-805-701-1246.

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