Elderly Care Activities Print

Seniors often enjoy hours of peaceful reflection, passing the time by reading, journaling, or participating in other activities which are solitary in nature. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we like to nurture a serene environment for our residents to enjoy this well-deserved “me-time.” However, our activities director and caregivers plan plenty of group-oriented elderly care activities which occur throughout the week, such as theatrical follies, art and crafts, bridge games, and more. Comprehensive residential care services include opportunities for bonding with fellow lodgers and developing new hobbies and interests. Some of the elderly care activities such as music or craft classes take place indoors, while Sally’s residential care services invite the seniors to enjoy the beautiful California weather through daily nature walks and outdoor exercise.

Our elderly care activities surpass the nursing home activities of most senior homes. At some facilities, the senior care services provided are confined to the most basic care: helping the person to and from bed, assistance with eating or grooming, with the senior only watching television to pass the time. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we believe that excellent care home programs incorporate activities that the senior will look forward to. Many of the elderly care activities regularly occurring at the care home require teamwork, encouraging our residents to interact with one another and develop closer friendships. Taking part in these activities fend off isolated feelings and ease the resident into his or her new home.

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