Nursing Home Activities Print

There are many apprehensions an adult child might have in considering a specialized care facility for an elderly parent. A major concern is that nursing home activities really means no activities. They fear that the exercise the parent might experience does not extend beyond an assisted walk down the hall, and that nursing home activities are nothing more than being sat down in front of the TV. In A nursing home and an assisted living home like Sally’s Residential Care Home are very different. In nursing homes, the focus is on basis senior care, but living at Sally’s Residential Care Home is like being a part of an extended family that aims to stay active together with a series of elderly care activities.

While the senior may enjoy tuning into a long-running soap opera or watching movies, Sally’s Residential Care Home believes that these nursing home activities for the elderly are not enough. Daily life for the resident at our care home is engaging and motivating. A key component of our senior care services is offering fun, stimulating activities for residents, occurring on a daily basis. Staff-organized assisted living activities at Sally’s Residential Care Home include daily nature walks, frequent bingo and card games, arts and crafts, as well as music and pet therapy. Our team takes great care in planning nice birthday parties for our residents. Everyone feels special at Sally’s Residential Care Home. In addition to the aforementioned activities that keep our residents sharp, we hold regular movie nights which are very enjoyable and foster a bond with our senior group.

To learn more about our assisted living activities, contact our care home today at 805-701-1246.