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What separates Sally's Residential Care Home from many other assisted living companies out there is that the team here strives to make the experience here as home-like as possible. We structure our assisted living homes to be a community in many senses of the word. Firstly, Sally's Residential Care Home fosters relationships between our residents, especially between two of our homes that are within walking distance from each other. We're also located in close proximity from Leisure Village and a shopping center, perfect for socialization. For the homebodies, Sally's Residential Care Home presents regular, exciting activities to our residents that promote mental, physical, and emotional well-bring.

Secondly, we treat every resident in our assisted living facility with the unique care and respect they deserve. The registered nurses who run Sally's Residential Care Home ensure that doctor visits, medication scheduling, special dietary concerns, and more are all customized to each of our residents' needs. In addition, we like to cultivate the interests of our residents, allowing them and their loved ones to schedule special elderly assisted living activities that are enlivening and especially important for long-term satisfaction.

Sally's Residential Care Home is run by a pair of registered nurses who each have decades of service working for assisted living companies, hospitals, and more. The duo bring in training sessions for their staff from qualified doctors and professionals from assisted living companies in order to capably respond to a wide range of geriatric needs, including emergency response, medication management, assisting with activities of daily living, psychological care, and much more. Contact us for more information!