Medicare Nursing Homes Print

Paying for your or a loved one's stay in a residential care facility can lead to many questions about Medicare and nursing homes. Luckily, the team here at Sally's Residential Care Home can capably answer your inquiries about Medicare nursing homes and about our provisions. Furthermore, we encourage potential residents to search online for the Medicare nursing home checklist and bring it with them when touring our facilities. You'll be incredibly pleased with the results of the walkthrough through Sally's Residential Care Home, especially with the Medicare nursing homes checklist in hand!

Now, why choose Sally's Residential Care Home over the many other Medicare assisted living facilities out there? For one, the experience of the staff here is unparalleled. Kayhan and Sally Mojabi, who run Sally's Residential Care Home, cull from over 25 years of experience each in diverse nursing fields. Their skillset pulls from years of work in acute, rehab, geropsych, and hospital management with many years of that experience being in geriatrics. They ensure that the people they entrust to care for their residents here at Sally's Residential Care Home are just as reliable and well-trained as they are. The staff is trained in first aid with additional trainings in emergency response, standard precautions, and a wide-range of geriatric needs.

Besides the expert training from licensed professionals, the team here at Sally's Residential Care Home adapts a people-first, customized living situation for all of our residents. Give us a visit when touring Medicare nursing homes; you won't be disappointed that you did! Contact us for more information.