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Among assisted living facilities in Southern California, there is no doubt that Sally’s Residential Care Home provides the best care. Home care has unfortunately become more of an industry than a passion at many residential care homes and facilities in recent years. However, at Sally’s Residential Care Home, our chief concern is always to create a warm, supportive assisted living residence that is as lively as our residents.

What makes ours the best best Care Home care? Simple –at Sally’s Residential Care Home, care is always personalized, cultural and educational. The best personal care homes always offer diverse and exciting daily activities, and at Sally’s Residential Care Home, we have more than enough to keep any resident engaged with their neighbors and their life. With arts and crafts, daily walks, exercise, music therapy, pet therapy and celebrations for birthdays and holidays, among many other activities, the atmosphere we provide is always exciting for residents and staff alike.

Not only do we offer first-class entertainment, but we could also be described as an exceptional health care home as well. Our staff members are all trained in first aid and have frequent trainings by licensed professionals on geriatric needs such as medication management, psychological care. Furthermore, daily medications are always distributed per physician’s orders and supervised by our registered nurses.

For the best care home, care from the trained professionals at Sally’s Residential Care Home is always the ideal choice. For questions regarding our assisted living facility and care for yourself or a loved one, contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions that may arise.