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When it comes to an elderly care home for your loved one, respect and comfort are probably incredibly high up on your list of requirements. Sally's Residential Care Home, in sunny Camarillo, CA, believes these two concepts are very important for the quality of elder care provided. Owned and operated by a pair of state board certified registered nurses, Sally's Residential Care Home presents a dignified and home-like environment in their elderly care community.

Individualized plans are the best way that any elder care home can provide assistance with dignity. From medication and dietary management to regular doctor's visits and mentally rewarding activities, Sally's Residential Care Home ensures that every resident's needs are met appropriately. The staff of Sally's Residential Care Home further understands that, in order to achieve a respectful living environment, personalized and caring assistance for the activities of daily living will have to be provided. Like any other highly qualified elderly care home, Sally's provides around-the-clock care for emotional and physical needs. The staff here is trained to assist with any necessary ADL, whether it is dressing, personal hygiene, incontinent care, or anything else required.

As far as comfort is concerned, Sally's Residential Care Home definitely succeeds. Camarillo has well over 300 days of sunlight a year, providing a temperate climate for the residents of Sally's Care Home. Conveniently located to other residential communities, a shopping center, and safe walking paths, the people who stay at Sally's Residential Care Home get to happily participate with the community at large and in invigorating outdoor activities. Contact us for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment to see our renowned elderly care home.