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Sally's Residential Care Home, located in sunny Camarillo, CA, offers a group of closely located senior care homes that provide personalized living situations in every aspect of their service. The owners of Sally's Residential Care Home, Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, are state-board certified registered nurses with over thirty years of work in the field. They pull from their years of expertise to offer comprehensive care throughout every aspect of their senior care daily operations in order to give the most accommodating and comfortable living situation possible.

With experience in rehab, geropsych, geriatric, and acute nursing as well as hospital management positions, the couple expects the same level of competency from everybody employed at Sally's Residential Care Home. The senior assisted living community administers regular training sessions in first aid, medication management, psychological care, ADL assistance, how to deliver personal care, standard precautions, and many other educational sessions on subjects pertaining to geriatric needs. Part of their high expectations for resident care includes fully customized diet plans and medication management in every senior care home.

Furthermore, wellness programs and activities are also designed to respect the individuality of every resident at Sally's Residential Care Home. Home visits from primary care physicians and specialists are appropriately arranged at this senior care home and fun, emotionally rewarding activities are scheduled on a weekly basis. Sally's senior care home is located in one of the sunniest and temperate places in all of Southern California, which truly helps provide pleasant activities and exercise sessions.

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