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If your parent, spouse, or other loved one is at the stage of his or her life where he or she needs to be taken care of, then it’s time to start exploring your options among the many personal care homes in Southern California. Sally’s Residential Care Home is based in the Ventura County city of Camarillo.  The mild weather and proximity to the Leisure Village retirement community makes for an ideal location for the homes, which are praised by residents and their loved ones for the tireless dedication of the staff, cheerful décor, cleanliness, and attention to the welfare of all of its residents.

Of course, not all assisted living centers are created equal. Sally’s Residential Care Home was founded in 2001 by its two owner-managers, board certified nurses Sally and Kayhan Mojabi who have over 30 years of experience. Since that time, they have devoted their energies to creating an environment where the health and happiness of clients is paramount and where the personality and dignity of clients is always honored.

All decent board and care homes provide basic services for aging or disabled residents, but not all establishments provide a homey, cheerful setting and a plethora of engaging activities. The Sally’s Care Home staff is dedicated to keeping residents involved with life. Numerous activities, ranging from games and movie nights, to daily walks and religious services are a crucial part of the Sally’s Residential Care Home schedule. Few personal care homes are as noted for their commitment to creating the kind of atmosphere that feels more like a family’s home than a typically clinical board and care-style facility.

For more information on how Sally’s Residential Care Home stands head and shoulders above the majority of personal care homes, please call (805) 701-1246 or pay a visit to our contact page.