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When choosing an assisted living home for your loved one, it is important to reflect on the needs you or your loved one will have, and weigh a variety of options. Pay a visit to Sally's Residential Care Home, as well as the other assisted living homes that interest you or your loved one. As you think about your options, consider the following:

Sally's Residential Care Home is a great place to live for independent seniors. We allow our community members to have a say in the degree to which they participate in group activities, and they are allowed to make nearly all decisions about their daily life. The individuals that call Sally's their home will be afforded time to practice their own personal hobbies, and are encouraged to participate in cultural and religious activities that foster a spirit of wholeness. Respect is critical to the sense of community we foster, and our capable residential care staff treats residents with the utmost decency and compassion. Assisted living homes do not always value the independence of their residents, but flexibility and deference are standards we consider to be important.

As a respected assisted living home in Southern California, Sally's Care Home is flexible in terms of policy and scheduling. The specific needs of our guests will be taken into account, along with dietary restrictions, overall health, and medication regimen. Residents are given three square meals a day, and are always free to have a snack any time they ask for one.

Camarillo, where Sally's Residential Care Home is located, has what most Americans consider to be the ideal climate: warm weather and low humidity year-round with light rainfall, mostly in the winter. The surrounding community is ideal for walks to other assisted living homes, and short drives to nearby recreational activities like shopping and movie theaters. With three picturesque facilities, Sally's is a highly appealing residential care facility that is centrally located for loved ones from around Southern California to visit with ease.

Each of the assisted living homes that combine to make up Sally's Residential Care Home is staffed by experienced and friendly professionals. Owners Sally and Kayhan Mojabi have 30 years of combined experience in nursing. They, along with a trustworthy crew trained in first aid and medication management, are on call at all times of the day or night. If you are interested in arranging a tour of our facility, call (805) 701-1246 for more information or use our contact page.