What is Assisted Living Print

An assisted living facility is a home for any person who needs or wants supervision or assistance with daily activities. Both the disabled and the elderly fall under the purview of assisted living. However, at Sally's Residential Care Home the assistance we provide is most often limited. Our residents’ wishes for independence are respected wherever possible.

If you or a loved one is getting older and finding that some daily activities are getting difficult to achieve regularly, then you may be asking, "What is assisted living?" Generally, assisted living refers to housing that has coordinated services to help with certain aspects of the resident's life. It's for people who have a hard time fully realizing independent living, but don't quite need the extensive care that a place like a nursing home would provide. Asking “what is assisted living?” is the first step toward making this decision.

Some assisted living homes also provide an alternative to a full time nursing facility for younger people in need of a home where every day needs can be met by a live-in staff. In addition to asking “What is Assisted Living?” call to find out about age restrictions about Sally's Residential Care Home, and get more information about the precise type of care we provide. Assisted Living Centers around Southern California offer unique care to their residents. Always spend time researching before you make a decision about your residence.

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