Elder Care Print

With the ongoing aging of the population, more and more of us are going to require round the clock elder care later on in life. While most older people prefer to remain independent for as long as possible, the reality is that, for a variety of reasons, it often becomes difficult or impossible for seniors to take care of all of the day-to-day responsibilities of self-care for themselves. While making the decision to move into an assisted living facility is rarely easy, either for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, finding an outstanding, home-like facility that places the needs of the residents first like Sally’s Care Home can make choosing an elder care residence one of the best decisions of your lifetime.

Sally’s Residential Care Home is an outstanding facility that prizes the individuality of all of its residents and takes their special needs into an account. Owned and managed by veteran registered nurses and geriatric care specialists Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, we are devoted to providing an affectionate and home-like environment for everyone in our care. We provide a range of basic services for all of our residents including complete meal services with unlimited snacks, medication management, and a range of enjoyable daily activities.

The main goal of care for the elderly at Sally’s Residential Care Home is to keep our customers engaged with life and in an upbeat frame of mind. We understand that aging can be a challenge, but we pride ourselves on our ability to help our residents enjoy their retirement with a range of activities. Elderly care should be about helping older people to get as much out of every moment of their lives as possible, and at Sally’s Care Home we view that as our primary responsibility.

For more information about elder care, please call (805) 701-1246 to learn more or visit our contact page.