Nursing Home Costs Print

It’s only natural that prospective residents and their loved ones should be very concerned with nursing home costs. At Sally’s Residential Care Home we understand that the financial issues surrounding round-the-clock care cannot be ignored. There’s no getting around the fact that the cost of assisted living can be a real issue for many people.

Obviously, the level of affordability of nursing home costs can vary greatly from family to family. Aside from basic financial differences between families, those who have purchased long-term care insurance may obviously have an easier time dealing with assisted living cost. Finally, the level of care, and therefore the amount of cost, may vary from resident to resident. The Sally’s Residential Care Home staff will provide you with a detailed and frank explanation of the costs of our assisted living home.

We know that, for many people, there are a large number of often conflicting priorities to be considered when placing themselves or others in an assisted living facility. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we seek to provide the highest level of service for all of our residents. Owner/managers Sally and Kayhan Mobabi are committed to providing outstanding and highly compassionate care in a pleasant, home-like environment. While there is no way to provide these services without a certain level of expense, we do seek to keep costs as affordable as possible. We work hard with residents and families to develop viable plans that take all the important factors into consideration.

For more information on nursing home costs and other matters at Sally’s Residential Care Home, please call (805) 701-1246 or visit our contact page.