Residential Care Print

Moving from a private dwelling to residential care is difficult for an older adult and his or her family. With little to no warning, one can go from a self-sufficient lifestyle to requiring assistance with daily tasks. This can be a very confusing, emotional transition for all involved. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we cultivate an atmosphere that is personal and comforting, but not intrusive. We would like our residents to feel that they are not waving good-bye to any personal freedoms by moving into our residential care facility. Rather, our new friends are presented with the opportunity of starting a fulfilling chapter in life.

Sally’s Residential Care Home employs a caring, skilled staff that will attend to each resident’s individual needs. Our home offers comprehensive residential care programs that encompass bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, feeding, and other services. Our owners Sally and Kayhan Mojabi are state board certified nurses who bring years of experience in geriatric care to their network of residential care homes located in beautiful, serene Camarillo, California. Our staff follows the examples set by Sally and Kayhan, possessing the medical and interpersonal skills necessary to gauge a resident’s level of need on an ongoing basis.

Our residential care program offers a wide range of activities that will stimulate our residents, including movie nights, walks, music and pet therapy, art and crafts, and bingo. These opportunities engage our residents mentally and socially, and we feel these activities are integral to the success of residential care facilities.

If you are looking for trusted care for your loved one, please contact us today to learn more about our home care, 1-805-701-1246 or send an inquiry through our online contact page.