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The child or grandchild considering residential care homes for an elderly relative might be concerned about the many particulars of a senior’s care regimen. The family member might be confident that the adult care home provides thorough assistance with daily tasks and routine physical demands, but what if their loved one needs unforeseen special attention? Will the residential care staff facilitate particular doctor visits? Many extended family members are used to transporting the senior to all of their medical appointments. They might feel that taking on this responsibility, while exhausting, is necessary. Sally’s Residential Care Home is here to provide all of the necessary care and medical attention that should be consistent with residential care homes.

The best care homes offer comprehensive services that cover all areas. The medical professionals and supporting staff of Sally’s Residential Care Home offer daily services, emergency response, medication management, and a wellness program that is tailored to each resident’s needs. The support staff assists residents with light tasks and administers physical care, such as bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene. The medical staff working at all board and care homes should be trained in first aid and CPR. The staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home receives this specialized instruction from authorized medical professionals. All residents’ medications are kept in a secure area, are administered per physician’s orders, and dispensed under a nurse’s supervision. Lastly, personal care homes should coordinate with the family to ensure that the senior receives all necessary medical attention. Sally’s Residential Care Home arranges in-house visits from physicians, including physical and speech therapists, primary care physicians and other specialists.

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