Senior Assisted Living Facilities Print

Sometimes, family members worry that senior assisted living facilities are nothing more than cold, sterile places that, at their very best, might tend to some of an elderly person’s practical needs. When the family asks, “What is assisted living?” this might be the immediate concept that comes to mind. This line of thinking puts the family in a bind. They may understand that their loved one can no longer live on his or her own, but the prospect of transferring their mother, father, or grandparent to the care of an impersonal staff is not an acceptable alternative. As a result, senior assisted living facilities are no longer considered an option.

The representatives at Sally’s Residential Care Home in lovely Camarillo, California, would like to put these fears to rest. With excellent home care services offered by our caring, engaged staff, you do not have to think of an assisted living facility as a last resort. Ultimately, we are here to relieve the stress of daily living while providing your loved one with an assisted living community that will afford the senior new opportunities for activity and friendship. Life can still be fun for elderly people inhabiting senior assisted living facilities. We respond to each senior’s individual level of need, so the resident can socialize, exercise, and relax. Sally’s Residential Care Home likes to offer the members of our community all of the create comforts, including movie nights, holiday celebrations, and delicious snacks and meals. We encourage our resident’s family members to come and visit as often as they like and to participate in our activities and events.

Our staff invites your family to come visit Sally’s Residential Care Home. Please contact us today to set up a meeting, 1-805-701-1246.