Medicare Nursing Home Print

If your family is looking to transition an elderly relative into a care home program, you might wonder if obtaining funds from Medicare for nursing home expenses is possible. Medicare is often used for medical-related fees, such as hospital bills and prescriptions. As it pertains to the role of Medicare in assisted living, Medicaid often funds various programs that provide daily assistance for the elderly person living in his or her private residence. However, Medicare for nursing home and care home fees is not an automatic option. It is typical for many middle-class and lower-income people to pay for a loved one’s housing and assistance services out of their own pockets, which is not always easy.

Medicare and nursing homes is a complicated subject for many people. Some may initially assume that funds through Medicare for nursing home fees are available, but this is not the case. There are some federal and state programs that help pay for subsidized housing or assisted living facilities for the elderly. The staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home stays abreast of the latest federal, state, and community-based programs that might offer much-needed support. The care home works with the new family to tackle these challenging financial aspects. Moving a relative that is still somewhat independent into an assisted living home can be an emotional experience. Sally’s Residential Care Home aims to lessen the emotional and financial burden through investigating certain programs that might ease the stress level of the extended family.

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