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Sally’s Residential Care Home, in tranquil Camarillo, California, stands as a shining example of what senior care homes should be. Too often, people who have little experience with senior care homes think of senior housing systems as sterile, lonely places where the elderly are left to themselves. The atmosphere of our senior assisted living facility couldn’t be more different! At Sally’s Residential Care Home, everyone is family. The resident has the option of enjoying their quiet time, as our care team strives to create a relaxing environment. However, our warm staff also builds friendships with residents, and offers seniors many activities and opportunities for bonding with their neighbors.

When one visits Sally’s Residential Care Home, he or she sees that our senior care program affords the elderly the chance to have fun and forge new friendships. Of course, our primary objective is to maintain or improve the health of your loved one. Every day, our caregivers devote themselves to the residents through performing basic care services, such as helping seniors get ready for the day or assisting with routine tasks. Many senior care homes believe that daily practical support is enough to sustain the client, but at our senior care home, we know that the full enjoyment of one’s free-time is a key element to staying healthy. In addition to frequent movie nights, we offer opportunities for the resident to take up a hobby, play games, exercise, listen to guest speakers, and much more.

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