Sally's Residential Care Home Prioritizes Physical and Mental Health Print

At Sally's Residential Care Home, we guarantee that our residents aren't just living a day to day life in our facilities; we want them to thrive in our assisted living community. Besides our personalized medication management and wellness programs, the team here at Sally's Residential Care Home provides a wide range of activities to engage the minds and bodies of the seniors we care for.

For many of our residents, this includes regular exercise. The staff of Sally's Residential Care Home schedules daily walks around our quiet, lush neighborhoods. After all, one of the perks of assisted living in Southern California is the fantastic weather and scenery; it'd be a shame if we didn't properly enjoy them! In addition to this, Sally's Residential Care Home schedules additional exercise activities that respect the varying levels of mobility of our seniors.

While a healthy body helps keep the mind alert, the state board certified nurses who run Sally's Residential Care Home also schedule activities that stimulate good mental health. Arts and crafts, interactive games, and performances by local entertainers all help keep the minds of our residents sharp and cultured. Pet and music therapy and scheduling appointments with licensed therapists when requested also go a long way in improving the overall mood in our assisted living home.

Sally's Residential Care Home encourages anybody looking for a home-like environment with personalized standards of care for their loved one to come visit one of our three facilities in Camarillo, CA. You can go to our location page to see how to visit us or you can call (805) 701-1246 to schedule a visit!