Sally's Residential Care Home Provides Truly First Rate Elder Care Print

If you’re seeking the ideal center for assisted living, California-based Sally’s Residential Care Home is sure to be your first choice. Owned and operated by state board-certified registered nurses for over ten years, Sally and Kayhan Mojabi bring to their facility a career of excellent experience from rehab, geropsych and hospital management positions.

Sally’s Residential Care Home consists of three licensed elder care facilities, each located in quiet, safe neighborhoods in the beautiful Camarillo area. The sunny, pleasant weather of the region makes daily walks, exercise and other outdoor activities a breeze. We even supplement all-important exercise with mentally stimulating activities that are sure to brighten the mood of any resident. Everything from arts and crafts to bingo, interactive games, music therapy and much more is offered regularly at our facilities, services that help build a vibrant and engaged community for all.

While there is no shortage of nursing home facilities in California, not all elder care homes are created equal. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, you’ll find a warm, helpful staff that is experienced in providing personalized services and assistance, meals and emergency response care. Under the supervision of our registered nurses, staff members even dispense daily medications per physician’s orders. However, when not in use, all medications in each facility are kept locked to ensure the security of our patients and the meeting of their needs.

For more information about the first-rate services offered at Sally’s Residential Care Home, please call (805) 701-1246 to learn more or visit our contact page.