Assisted Living Activities Set Sally's Care Home Apart Print

The twilight years of a person’s life should be spent doing the things they enjoy most. While quality time with family brings joy to the heart of every elderly person, it is important to offer older seniors an environment that will explore their interests at all times. Sally’s Residential Care Home is a Camarillo-based senior care home that excels in providing its residents with unmatched care and attention. Owners Sally and Kayhan Mojabi take pride in cultivating a pleasant living environment for the people that call Sally’s Residential Care Home their home.

At Sally’s Residential Care Home, residents enjoy a wide range of assisted living activities that bring excitement to each new day. Staff members keep residents physically active with daily walks, and bingo games make for entertaining evenings. Birthdays are occasions for celebration, and Sally’s celebrates often. Many community members look forward to regular pet therapy visits, and live musical performances from local artists are also wildly popular.

Sally’s Residential Care Home understands that getting older isn’t all fun and games. A staff of caring and professional registered nurses stays on-site at Sally’s two Ventura County medicare nursing home facilities to provide around-the-clock medical attention to anyone that may require it. Personalized wellness programs are available to everyone who lives in the community. The compassionate staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home can arrange in-home visits with no trouble for those times when people may require the attention of a podiatrist or primary care physician.