Sally's Care Home Breaks New Ground in Senior Assisted Living Print

The decision to place a loved one in a residential care home can be very difficult. Those that take the time to research suitable care homes for an elderly family member are often motivated by a deep sense of love and commitment for that person. People commonly assume that all assisted living facilities resemble the kind of convalescent home environment they remember from childhood visits to see a grandparent. In reality, modern care homes are much nicer than the negative reputation they have endured, and Sally’s Residential Care Home embodies all the finest advancements in senior assisted living.

The community at Sally’s Care Home is served by a dedicated team of qualified registered nurses who are trained in first aid and other geriatric needs. In addition to basic medical and emergency response services, Sally’s staff also helps to implement individualized care plans for residents, including access to podiatrists and primary care physicians. Daily walks and exercise are regular features of Sally’s complete wellness program, and special activities like pet therapy help ensure that residents are emotionally fulfilled as well as physically healthy.

Sally’s Care Home is owned and managed by Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, both board certified registered nurses with over three decades of combined experience in hospital management and related fields. With three locations in beautiful Camarillo, California, Sally’s excels in providing its residents with the very best physical and emotional care in the assisted living industry. For a compassionate, professional residential care home, your loved one will feel happy and fulfilled at Sally’s Residential Care Home.