Sally's Residential Care Home is Far From the Average Nursing Home

There is no shortage of nursing homes in Southern California. The mild temperatures and friendly communities make the area ideal for many seniors looking for assisted living options as they enter their golden years. However, it likely comes as no surprise to those who have researched the matter that nursing home costs, and quality of living can vary dramatically from one facility to another. Finding the right option for you or your loved one can feel overwhelming at times, but for those who have found Sally's Residential Care Home, the right choice is abundantly clear.

For nearly anyone seeking out a quality assisted living facility, effective medical care is always a chief concern, and at Sally's Residential Care Home, our health services are truly world class. For over ten years, our founders, state board certified Sally and Kayhan Mojabi have provided their residents with exceptional care in acute, rehab, geropsych and hospital management positions, including years in geriatrics.

Not surprisingly, the Mojabis have also made medical training a foremost priority for their entire staff. With training in first aid, medication management, recognizing the side effects of medications, psychological care and other integral activities of daily living, we ensure that every member of our team is qualified to handle common senior needs. In fact, our staff even carries out an individualized plan of care for every resident requiring medical care, even arranging frequent in-home visits.

If you're ready to become a part of our warm, empathetic and health-conscious community, contact Sally's Residential Care Home today. You'll be put in touch with a truly caring staff who is eager to answer any question you have.