Sally's Residential Care Home in Camarillo Goes Above and Beyond

If you're one of the many people searching for a first rate Camarillo nursing home, it's very possible that you've been disappointed in what you've seen. Though there are certainly plenty of senior care facilities throughout Southern California, the unfortunate truth remains that not all of them are created equal. Yet, you can stop searching today once you discover the top quality team at Sally's Residential Care Home in Camarillo.

At the outset it might seem strange that one assisted living facility brings to their seniors an experience that is of such higher quality than the competition, but once you've experienced the efforts of our founders Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, it makes perfect sense. For over ten years, the state board certified nurses and owners have brought incredible nursing experience to their patients in acute, rehab, geropsych and hospital management positions including years in geriatrics.

The result of all their experience is a highly-trained team that provides personalized, 24-hour care to the individual physical and emotional needs of every resident. Further still, our staff is trained in first aid, and has frequent trainings by licensed professionals on geriatric needs that include medication management, recognizing the effects and side effects of medications, psychological care, and many more standard precautions.

At Sally's Residential Care Home, Camarillo-based seniors can finally enjoy the type of engaged and enjoyable lifestyle they've been looking for, while still experiencing all the health and wellness services of a first rate assisted living facility. We're proud of our reputation, and we look forward to seeing you!