Pay a Visit to Sally's Care Home to See for Yourself Why it's The Best

If you're considering the option of a care home for your loved one, obviously you don't want to settle for something subpar. That's why we encourage you to come to Sally's Care Home to see for yourself what makes it the best residential care home Camarillo has to offer for seniors, whether they need assisted living or are independent and you would rather they do not live alone and isolated. We allow our seniors the opportunity to have a say in how much they want to participate in nearly all decisions regarding their daily life. That includes their choice of participation in group activities, hobbies, as well as cultural or religious activities that foster a spirit of enjoyment.

As a Camarillo nursing home respected throughout Southern California, Sally's Care Home welcomes visits from those who are considering nursing homes for their elderly relatives or friends. We also make it known that Camarillo is a perfect environment for seniors, as it is an ideal, temperate climate, and has a surrounding community ideal for walks, as well as being centrally located for loved ones to visit from around Southern California. Our staff makes sure that our residents are as comfortable and happy as possible. Sally's Residential Care Home is staffed by registered nurses, who provide the skilled care that seniors may need daily or sporadically.

So if you are looking for a senior care home in Southern California, come to Sally's Care Home to learn more about why we are the best option for seniors.