Sally's Care Home Provides the Living Facilities That Feels Like Home

When it comes to placing a loved one in a residential care home, Camarillo may come to mind as the perfect city, due to its idyllic suburban location for the elderly. Many call this city home in their golden years, and Sally's Care Home makes the perfect setting for seniors to enjoy their time in relaxation and rest. Mental stimulation is never in short supply at Sally's Care Home, either, as seniors have plenty of social and festive activities, which family and friends are invited to attend if they wish. We make sure our residents enjoy their time at our facility, and address any and all concerns that may arise during their time with us. Above all, we want Sally's Care Home to be just what the name implies: home.

Obviously looking for assisted living facilities is not the most exciting endeavor and usually fraught with emotion, but Sally's Care Home makes it our mission to help you with this transition to nursing home life. The compassionate and understanding staff of Sally's Care Home features registered, skilled nurses who are knowledgeable in all things having to do with geriatric care, from their mental, social and physical needs for care. We cater to all these needs gladly, to ensure our residents are healthy and sound mentally and physically.

If you have a loved one who you think may benefit from transitioning to a residential care home, don't hesitate to contact the Sally's Care Home staff. We welcome visitors to our facilities to see what life is like here, and we are pleased to meet you soon.