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In looking into Medicare and nursing homes, the adult children or other supportive relatives of an elderly person will see that there are many determining factors for Medicare coverage. One common component is that Medicare for assisted living must be related to a recent hospital stay. Furthermore, when it comes to Medicare and nursing homes, the doctor must approve the course of care, following a qualifying three-day stay in the hospital. The troubling issue is that, while there are Medicare nursing homes for those who qualify in this way, the assistance other seniors need isn’t always covered. And even if the senior meets these hospital-related requirements, he and his family may be responsible for the full cost of nursing home care after 100 days. Of course, when it comes to Medicare and nursing homes, there always feels like there’s more to learn, especially during times that feel extra stressful.

Sometimes, the Medicare nursing home is not the proper place for the senior who needs a little assistance in accomplishing daily tasks. What about the elderly person who is best suited for extended stay in an assisted living facility like Sally’s Residential Care Home? The staff at the Camarillo care home begins its course of assistance by pursuing all avenues for financial support. Sally’s Residential Care Home works with clients to find lesser-known programs that may help satisfy preliminary and ongoing costs.

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