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Sally's Residential Care Home functions as a full time nursing home for residents whose needs include the supervision or assistance of a team of nurses full time. Not all residents require the same exact degree of care, and at Sally's Residential Care Home, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your nursing care. There’s no reason to look elsewhere, no matter your preferences about eldercare.

Our experienced and capable nursing staff is here full time, and the medical capabilities of Sally's Residential Care Home are above reproach. Nearby medical centers are also reassuring to potential residents and their loved ones. Camarillo is an excellent community for a convalescent home, and a number of nursing homes  and skilled nursing facilities are our neighbors.

Sally's Residential Care Home is perfect if you’re an independent senior looking for a lifestyle that will simply reduce your worry about planning your medication doses, or ensuring that your meals are made on time. In addition, it’s the place to go if you simply want to live in a community of friends, with a friendly and helpful staff, Sally's Residential Care Home is the place for you.

Residents here at Sally's Residential Care Home sometimes remark that it seems nothing like their notion of a nursing home at all. Their own personal tastes in living style, including choices of furniture and more are respected and left up to the individual. Residents’ immediate needs are looked after quite completely, but other needs, like the need for creative and social outlets are just as important. Residents will be able to express every facet of their personality.

Do you have questions or concerns? Call Sally's Residential Care Home at (805) 701-1246 or visit

Sally’s Residential Care Home Serving the greater Camarillo and Ventura County area, Sally's Residential Care Home provides personalized assisted living in a 24 hour nursing home for the elderly. Please call us at 805-701-1246.span>
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