• Assisted Living

    We provide a combination of housing, housekeeping, personal care, healthy meals, and medication administration designed to respond to the needs of each individual resident to promote maximum independence in a safe environment.
  • Meals

    Our staff prepares fresh, healthy, nutritious meals daily! We provide unlimited snacks and beverages throughout the day and host two BBQs weekly, as well as themed lunches for various holidays and events! Please inquire about specialized meal plans regarding food sensitivities, allergies, as well as food texture and consistency alterations.
  • Home Health & Hospice

    Many of our residents require medical attention. We welcome and work with various Home Health and Hospice agencies so that our residents receive the proper medical attention ordered by their physicians.
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy

    After hospitalization many Physicians recommend Physical and Occupational therapy to help their patients regain and maintain muscle strength and memory. Our facilities accommodates Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who provide home visits to help with a speedy recovery!
  • Podiatrist

    We work directly with local Podiatrists who provide us with high quality mobile podiatric service designed to treat home-bound patients and those with mobility restrictions.
  • Speech Pathologist

    Many times the ability to speak or swallow are lost after suffering a major event such as a stroke. Our facility welcomes speech pathologist and licensed therapists to help our residents regain their abilities in speech and swallowing.
  • Internet

    Many of our residents enjoy streaming movies and shows from their personal tablets or laptops, playing games with friends online and video chatting with their loved ones. We provide Wi-Fi access to all our residents with no added charge!
  • Music Therapy

    Music has way of bringing cheer, evoking memories and providing comfort. We invite local musicians and as well as music therapists regularly to provide our residents with entertainment and as a form of musical intervention.

    Music Therapy has been known to decrease the decline of speech skills, promotes increased social activities, stress relief and inspires our seniors to get up and grove by dancing, clapping or even tapping their toes!

  • Religious Services

    We at Sally’s understand the importance of faith for our residents, especially those who were active members of a house of worship. We welcome all religious sectors and invite local community religious leaders for spiritual services upon residents request.
  • Pet Therapy

    Animal-assisted therapy is a fast-growing field that uses animals such as dogs and cats to help people better cope with health problems. We at Sally’s Care Homes love our furry friends and all the benefits they bring to our residents.

  • Beautician

    Invite your favorite hair dresser or used one from our list of amazing artist who provide us with at home services including hair cuts, styling, perms and much more!

Serving across Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Burbank, and the surrounding areas.

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