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Some people looking into care for an elderly loved one might not have a clear idea of the differences between residential care homes and nursing homes. One might ask when conducting a search for the proper place for a parent, what are the attributes of residential care homes compared with the characteristics of a nursing home? A nursing home, essentially, provides around-the-clock care for more needy residents. The facility is staffed with medical professionals 24 hours a day for people who are dependent on others for their daily personal care. Many nursing homes work in accordance with a hospital to provide the medical assistance their residents necessitate.

Those moving into a residential care facility require limited help. At Sally’s Residential Care Home, we think of ourselves as trusted companions, encouraging our residents to live as autonomously as they can while offering the support they deserve. We believe that the changes that come with age shouldn’t prevent our residents from actively participating in their own lives. Our residential care staff is there to assist with everyday tasks, to prepare nutritious meals and snacks for our residents, and to create and supervise a wide range of group activities which promote physical activity and/or social engagement. Through living within our network of residential care homes in Camarillo, California, your family member can live a fulfilling, functional life. Also, you can be confident that your loved one is safe under the watchful eyes of our skilled staff members.

To learn more about the assistance programs at Sally’s Residential Care Home, please call us at 1-805-701-1246 or send an inquiry through our online contact page.

Sally’s Residential Care Home Serving the greater Camarillo and Ventura County area, Sally's Residential Care Home provides personalized assisted living in a 24 hour nursing home for the elderly. Please call us at 805-701-1246.span>
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