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Sally's Care Home Enriches the Lives of Seniors Who Live Here

Care for the elderly is available at the gorgeously maintained, suburban location of Sally's Care Home. If you're looking for the best residential care home in Camarillo, look no further than this lovingly managed nursing home, which is founded, owned and operated by a husband/wife team with more than 30 years of experience in nursing. This Camarillo nursing home has been on the leading edge of elderly care since it first opened.

Part of the appeal of Sally's Care Home is the fact that it has a special approach to senior care that involves creating a comfortable, affectionate, and home-like environment for its residents. The registered nurses who run the facility understand that providing a relaxing, yet stimulating setting is crucial so adults of any age feel safe, happy and perfectly at home. The staff pays careful attention to creating a regular activity of enjoyable activities, so the guests are kept mentally active, but also socially engaged with other residents. Our approach to senior care if frequently praised by our innumerable guests and residents' family members, who are quick to comment on how we make our residents feel at home in their golden years.

If you or your loved one is in need of an outstanding elderly care home in Camarillo, we would love to hear from you. Schedule a visit today or call us at 805-701-1246 to learn more about our exceptional facilities and pricing. We look forward to exceeding your expectations of what an elderly care home is all about!

Sally’s Residential Care Home Serving the greater Camarillo and Ventura County area, Sally's Residential Care Home provides personalized assisted living in a 24 hour nursing home for the elderly. Please call us at 805-701-1246.span>
940 Carissa Ct Camarillo CA 93012 805701-1246
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