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What is a nursing home doing in a place like Camarillo? For one, the temperate climate and sunny days make for an incredibly pleasant living environment. In fact, the average rainfall in Camarillo is only 13 inches a year. Sally's Residential Care Home, comprised of three licensed assisted living facilities in peaceful neighborhoods, takes full advantage of the gorgeous weather that makes Camarillo so memorable.

When it comes to choosing a residential care home, Camarillo provides a lot of great opportunities. Daily walks, regular exercise, community involvement, and regular activities all allow the residents of Sally's Residential Care Home to take advantage of the outdoors. Gorgeous covered patios and close proximity (walking distance!) to other residential homes and a shopping center provide more options for getting your loved ones outside at their leisure. After all, fresh air, sunlight, and a little exercise go a long way in improving health and moods and that's something that Sally's Residential Care Home want to encourage.

Of course, pleasant weather alone isn't what makes Sally's Residential Care Home such a great place to live. The husband and wife team of resident nurses who operate the assisted living facilities bring over 30 years of experienced care from diverse fields. Their expertise includes work in acute, rehab, and geropsych nursing as well as hospital management. They ensure that regular visits are scheduled by doctors and specialists and provide personalized care in the form of medication management and meeting dietary needs. Anything your loved one needs to make the best use of their time at Sally's Residential Care Home can be provided!

Call Sally's Residential Care Home at 805-389-1907 to schedule a visit to one of our homes.

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