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If you’re asking “What is a Nursing Home?,” odds are an older parent, spouse, or other loved one is in need of more attention than you can reasonably provide on your own. The decision to place someone we love in a convalescent home is never an easy one, but very often it is the best step when constant care and/or supervision are required. At Sally's Residential Care Home, our goal is to provide the most home-like and happy environment possible for our residents.

Of course, a big part of the answer to the question of “What is a Nursing Home?” is that it is a facility that cares for all of an aging or disabled patients’ needs. Our cheerful and compassionate staff is there to provide the best 24-hour care possible. From managing medications to providing tasty and healthful meals and taking care of day-to-day grooming and hygiene needs, our people work hard to make sure that our residents are as well taken care as those at any nursing home
Of course, all nursing homes should seek to provide outstanding care for the basic human needs of guests, but Sally's Residential Care Home works hard to put the “home” into nursing home. Owned and managed by state board certified registered nurses Sally and Kayhan Mojabi, all of Sally's Residential Care Home facilities are cheerful, homey places where guests are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of fun and engaging activities ranging from bingo and arts and crafts to daily walks, religious services, and musical and comedy performances by local entertainers. Music and pet therapy is also provided.

The answer to the question “What is a Nursing Home?” has many answers. At Sally's Residential Care Home we work 24/7 to make sure that all of them are positive. To learn more about our services, please call (805) 701-1246 or visit our contact page.

Sally’s Residential Care Home Serving the greater Camarillo and Ventura County area, Sally's Residential Care Home provides personalized assisted living in a 24 hour nursing home for the elderly. Please call us at 805-701-1246.span>
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